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Takeaway Menu

A selection of our favourite portable sushi dishes and combinations, served with pickled ginger, wasabi, soy sauce and chopsticks, all in a handy bag to takeaway!

Please note that any hand rolls or items from our à la carte menu can also be served to takeaway upon request.

For those who would like the convenience of takeaway or delivery sushi for a larger party or function, chef Gana is happy to provide party platters of sushi, and will tailor them to meet your specific requirements. Please arrange either by visiting in store, or via the details on the contact us section of this website.

Miso Soup


Yazu Kimchi Salad


Edamame beans


Yazu Seaweed Salad


Yazu Box

Two pieces of salmon nigiri, two California rolls, three pieces of tuna hosomaki and three cucumber rolls

Yazu Salmon Box

Six pieces of salmon nigiri, and six pieces of salmon hosomaki

Yazu Combination

Salmon, tuna, seabass and prawn nigiri, two salmon and avocado rolls, and two spicy tuna rolls

Yazu Classic

Two salmon, two tuna, one seabass, one prawn and one white tuna nigiri, two spicy salmon rolls and two California rolls

Yazu Tuna Box

Six pieces of tuna nigiri, and six pieces of tuna hosomaki

Yazu Nigiri Deluxe

Two salmon, two tuna, two prawn, two seabass and two eel nigiri

Yazu Sashimi Deluxe

Salmon, tuna, seabass, white tuna and ikura (fish roe) served as sashimi with a Japanese lime dressing

Yazu Makimono Deluxe

Two salmon and avocado rolls, two spicy tuna rolls, two tempura rolls and six pieces of salmon hosomaki

Yazu Mixed Deluxe

Two Salmon, two tuna, two prawn nigiri, three pieces of salmon sashimi, two tempura rolls and two salmon and avocado rolls